Will I need to purchase a billing computer, server or software?

  • You do not need to own a computer or a billing system. We will handle all claim processing, billing, posting and appealing. All you need to do is send us superbills, patient insurance and demographics, and referrals. We will handle the rest.

  • If you already have a computer system, you can continue to use it for managing patient demographics, scheduling and medical records without any conflict.

  • Transmission of demographics and other patient billing paperwork is enhanced by having a computer with internet access. However, while highly beneficial, it is not explicitly necessary.


Will there be a delay while I transition from in-office (or other outsourced) billing to your service?

  • The only delay is the time it takes to get your providers set up for electronic submission through our clearinghouse.

    • For most commercial carriers, electronic submission of claims requires no special approval, and can begin almost immediately. For governmental carriers, and some Blue Cross companies, this normally takes 2-3 weeks paper claims while authorization for electronic submission is pending, upon client request.

    • For most commercial carriers, electronic EOBs (known as electronic remittance advice, or ERAs) can take 3-6 weeks to be processed. While we do require our clients to apply for ERAs for all their participating insurance carriers who offer them, we will happily work with paper EOBs until those transitions take place.


Isn't it cheaper for me to keep my billing in-house?

  • It is not cheaper to keep billing in-house. Using our service saves you on office space, salary, benefits and more, and we are able to do the work at a fraction of what it would cost you in-house. In addition, we have a unique and broad expertise in this field, employ trade secrets we have learned over many years, and keep up to date on the newest policies and codes. These are steps which are difficult and expensive to achieve in an in-house setting. Finally, with in-house billing, the physician owner needs to spend a lot of time involved in overseeing the staff and numbers to ensure s/he is not being cheated. Our service lifts that burden from your shoulders.


What electronic interchange capabilities do you offer?

  • We offer electronic claims submission to, and electronic explanation of benefits from, all carriers with which our clearinghouse participates. Currently, that includes more than 1,800 payers nationwide, including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and all major commercial carriers, and more are added every week.


You talk a lot about new claims. What about collecting our outstanding A/R?

  • Yes, we can collect on your overdue accounts. Please ask your sales representative for details.


Come on, tell me about the hidden fees. What are they?

  • There are NO hidden fees. We do no not charge a setup fee, an annual fee or any fees other than a percentage of collections (in New York and Illinois, where physicians are prohibited by law from fee-splitting, at the risk of their licenses to practice medicine, we charge on a per-claim or per-month basis). Any additional services where fees are charged have been clearly mentioned on our website. (They include custom automated reports and copies of your database from our servers - and these costs are merely passed on without any additional markup.)